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Moss’s magnificant 7.

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Moss also sired a healthy litter of 7 this week, 3 dogs 4 bitches all very similar in colour to Moss.

Dusty (mum) is doing extremely well and is thriving on her new litter. Unfortunately all of Dusty’s litter are spoken for at this present time, however Dusty’s owners may repeat this excellent match it the future.  

Brambles beautiful babies.

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Bramble has sired another healthy litter of 9, 2 black dogs, 2 yellow dogs, 2 yellow bitches and 3 black bitches.

Honey (Saffron Sunny Lass Hip Score: 3 : 4 Clear Eyes) is a very obedient pet with a fantastic working pedigree, her father was FTCH Fernshot Comet. Honey gave birth on the 24/06/08 to the delightful litter which should have the right qualities to become working gun dogs or family pets.

Honey is owned by Mr & Mrs Lewis and if you would like any further information on this litter they can be contacted on 01536 791799 email: naomi.lewis1@btinternet.com

Say hello to Kiara.

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Welcome to Sophie and Kiara’s diary.

Hello my name is Sophie and I’m 14 years old and have recently acquired my first gun dog which is a yellow labrador retriever named Kiara. She is a dark yellow bitch which is why i called her Kiara as this means dark and is also a very pretty name.

I got Kiara from Gill Bell in Lincolnshire, Gill had given Kiara the best start in life as she’s fazed by nothing, very loving and socialable. Kiara’s kennel name is Toprosell Chestnut, her father is Field Trial Champion Boltonabbey Remus and her mother is Brunbois Alice Go Lightly owned by Gill and is better known as Kelly.

Here are some photos taking in our first few days.

Update on Breeze.

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Breeze is coming on strong with drive and enthusiasm, she’s a keen loyal retriever with energy to spare. We have been doing the basic’s to get a good foundation ready for the next step’s, she is now stopping on the whistle within a controlled environment and beginning to take directions.

New Stud Dog Pedigree Tree’s

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

To make it easier for our Visitors to see our Stud Dog lines, we have produced them as easy to read web pages.

Name Breed Breed
Rudy Ale Rudy Fallowfen Lis Retrover Toller
Wyakin Danehaven Nictaux Of Fallowfen Toller
George Silkenwood Gio Chocolate Labrador
Casper Casper Warf of the Hills Chocolate Labrador
Bramble Caulliechat Regal Black Labrador
Moss Conneywarren Lord Wren Of Fallowfen Yellow Labrador
Flint Haddeo Thesfus Of Fallowfen Golden Retriever
Fly Brynmills Billiebong Boy Cocker Spaniel

Steve B

Out with dogs… Hunted down by Apache Gunship

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

There we were, out with the dogs, next thing you know the British Army have thier latest toys out for a play.

Quiet a suprise to see a Apache Attack Helicopter over the fields of Little Raveley!

Apache Helicoptor Gunship

Apache Helicoptor Gunship

Who reached there goal!

Thursday, June 5th, 2008
Pup # Sex Birth Time Birth Weight Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four Week Five Week Six Week Seven
1 Bitch 16/04/08 13oz 24oz 36oz 52oz 68oz 84oz 112oz 124oz
2 Bitch 16/04/08 12oz 21oz 32oz 47oz 60oz 80oz 100oz 112oz
3 Dog 16/04/08 12oz 22oz 32oz 42oz 60oz 84oz 100oz 112oz
4 Dog 16/04/08 14oz 26oz 38oz 52oz 72oz 96oz 120oz 136oz
5 Dog 16/04/08 14oz 20oz 37oz 48oz 64oz 80oz 100oz 120oz
6 Dog 16/04/08 15oz 24oz 40oz 51oz 72oz 96oz 120oz 124oz


As always the weights have been fairly even through out this litter how ever there has only ever been one contender for heaver weight!

Even though the weights vary the puppies are very similar size’s and look no different in comparison.

I’m sure there new owners are getting very excited as that special day creeps forward to taken there new found friends home and we do hope they will keep us all up to date with all the little mishaps whether in be good news or bad.

So fingers crossed we will all be able to watch this fantastic litter grow here on the blog.

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