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Home bred Golden Retriever dog – Fallowfen Faithful Henry

May 10th, 2024

This is Henry!

What can I say……….

If you have seen the videos of Henry in training as a young puppy you will know that he has always been biddable, honest and with a great personality!

If you haven’t seen Henry’s training video and would like to see what he was like please click HERE.

As a breeder I have always concentrated on my bitch line for strength and bringing in compatible males to complement my line.

So Henry is the first home bred Golden retriever dog I have had standing at stud, I am very happy with what kind of dog Henry is turning into and his pedigree will complement my line for future generations.

Henry has had health screening relevant for the breed



BVA clear eye certificate date preformed 21/07/23. Clinically unaffected

This should be preformed every year to guarantee the health of the stud dogs eyes.

BVA clear GONIO eye certificate score 0/0 date preformed 21/07/23. Clinically unaffected. I can not express how important this is!

This should be preformed every 3 years to guarantee the health of the stud dogs eyes.

BVA hip score 6/6

BVA elbow score 0/0

DNA tested CLEAR for all of the disease’s below.

This male can never produce an affected puppy for any of the disease’s listed below.









Fallowfen Faithful Henry standing at stud.
Fallowfen Golden retriever Stud dog.
Working Golden Retriever Stud dog
Dark Golden retriever stud.

Labrador puppies available.

September 6th, 2023

Our current litter of Labrador retrievers are now reaching 5 weeks of age, at this time we have 1 male puppy available at this time.

UPDATE 1 black male available.

This litter has been bred with health and temperament in mind and will make fantastic family companions.

if you would like any further information please contact ourselves.

New born Golden retriever litter.

August 1st, 2023

Great news, our Golden Retriever litter has arrived safe and sound. Mum and pups are looking very strong and very content.

If you would like any further information on this litter please email ourselves phillip@fallowfen.com

Labrador puppies due to be born in August!

July 9th, 2023

Great news! We have now confirmed that Treacle our black Labrador female is expecting puppies the beginning of August.

You can see Treacle being trained on this blog when she was just a puppy, Treacle was and absolute dream to train and very easy as you’ll see.

The father is also our homebred Yellow male aka Harry. Harry can also be seen in training on this blog.

Fallowfen Harry 001

This litter should contain black and yellow puppies.

If you would like full like details please email phillip@fallowfen.com

I have also added video footage of one of our previous litter sired by Harry so you can see what to expect from ourselves. The litter is nearly 7 weeks of age in this video.

Golden Retriever puppies due to arrive in July.

June 29th, 2023

We have some very exciting news, we have a litter of Golden Retriever puppies due to be born in July. All our puppies are bred with health and temperament in mind. These puppies will be nice and dark in colour.

I have added some pictures below of our previous litter so you can see what kind of puppies are produced from our breeding lines. You can also see one of our puppies in training in the post below. Just look for Henry!

If you would like any further information regarding this litter please contact ourselves at phillip@fallowfen.com

Henry – Our young homebred Golden Retriever male starting to be trained.

June 19th, 2023

This is Henry another homebred Golden Retriever going through the early stages of our imprint training which helps young puppies focus on you the handler and for them to think what does he want from me!

The videos below follow Henry on his early journey from 8 weeks old to 17 weeks of age, so still very young!

Puppies develop at different ages so these videos should be used as a guild line to where you are in training with your puppy not a deadline to achieve before a certain age.

This will give you some idea of what to expect from a puppy from Fallowfen, and what kind of help and guidance you will receive.

Take a GANDER at Goose!

March 31st, 2023

Fresh pictures taken of Goose one of our proven working Golden Retriever stud dogs .

Managed to get some pictures in the sunshine earlier this week before the April showers made an early appearance!

Teddy – Growing into himself!

March 25th, 2023

Just a quick update on Teddy our young Golden Retriever stud dog. He has now produced his first litter which were so calm, showing good promise, great temperaments and fantastic looks.

Labrador litter due to be born in February!

January 28th, 2023

We can confirm that one of our Labrador girls has been confirmed pregnant.

Mum to be is a home bred Labrador with a fantastic soft loving temperament.

She was mated to our very own home bred Fox red Labrador stud dog Harry.

This mating has been done with health and temperament in mind.

Both parents are extensively health tested with great results.

We will be expecting black and yellow puppies in this litter.

If you would like further information about this litter please email ourselves at phillip@fallowfen.com

Both parents can be seen below.

Trained Golden retriever male.

January 6th, 2023

We have a 3 year old trained companion to the right home, Ranger is a lovely soft playful dog who is eager to please.

Ranger loves people and would be great as a family companion. Ranger is used to children and other animals.

If you would like more information regarding Ranger please email ourselves.

Ranger Working Golden Retriever Fallowfen H
Click to enlarge image Fallowfen-RANGER-002-JULY.jpg
Click to enlarge image Fallowfen-RANGER-002-JULY.jpg
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