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Thank you the boys are doing great.

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

We thought this would be a nice email to share with you all.

Good afternoon Philip
I thought I would leave it a few weeks before I gave you an update on Ross so that I would have lots to tell you.
You’ll be pleased to know that he settled in quickly and Basil and he get on very well – lots of play fighting followed by them snuggling up together in their outside area.Basil has only had to really assert himself once and that was when Ross decided to try and take Basil’s chew bone away from him and boy did Basil tear into him – Ross has not tried since !!
The boys sleep together downstairs (Ross in a large Lintran crate which I open when I come downstairs in the morning) and neither moves until I’m all kitted out for our 6.30 am walk – I then call them each by name with a good gap between names (Basil first) – Ross understands this and is very steady – at all our garden gates, field gates,the car crate and at feeding time I continue this practice and again Ross is very steady. He was a little sick when we left you but he’s been in the car every day since and is now fine.
During the first week I did very little retrieving work with Ross concerntrating more on sit / stay / heel / come. Sit, stay and heel were as expected good and have got even better (as Ross has bonded with me) – coming to name was a problem at first again because Ross did not know me, HOWEVER, I have spent alot of time on this and he now comes to me both by name and on the whistle even if he appears interested in something else !!
This week I started on hand signals and he is getting the hang of this – yesterday I buried a couple of tennis balls in long grass and with hand movements near the tennis balls and verbal commands “THERE” and “FIND IT” in an excited voice he watched Basil find the balls – so I tried it with him and he soon started to pick it up.
Today (with Basil) he achieved his first “BACK” commands having watched Basil – this was very rewarding and he really cottoned on quickly. I am currently doing all retrieving training with the dogs side by side and Ross is very steady – I’m mixing it up so that neither knows whos retrieve it will be. As a final retrieve today I launched two large dummies a long way into some really rough grass  – Ross did a great job of finding his dummy as I thought he hadn’t marked it
I can also report that having delivered a retrieve back to me Ross now walks (with some encouragement) behind me and sits on my left hand side AND when walking both dogs on the lead Basil knows his place and that’s on the outside of Ross !!!
Ross and I have also been out on two occasions with other dogs – once with my friend Mark and his 1 year old Black lab dog where we used starting pistols with retrieves well away from our dogs and Ross did very well ; and secondly we attended a puppy training class with my trainer Dave Probert – this was all about steadiness and Dave actually used Ross for part of the demo on lead work and how a dog reacts to lead tension.Ross also came back to the recall whistle along a line of 8 other dogs without taking his eyes off me !!
Believe it or not, Basil has sharpened up his retrieving because there’s another dog in close proximity – result !!
All in all we are delighted with him ( puppy wappiness and all !!) – he comes into my TV room every night with Basil and usually falls asleep at or on my feet – Mandy just can’t believe how we have bonded.
Much of what I have written here is down to you and the time you spent with Ross and for this I am very grateful – be assured he is already much loved and will have a full and happy life with us here in Leicestershire – I have taken some photographs and will send them to you shortly.
I hope that you and your family are all well and that you continue to be busy. Keep in touch.
Best regards


My Reflection?!!

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Fallowfen’s Quick Zaki, known as Zaki, born 01/03/2009. We have been sent some wonderful pictures of him on his birthday, but wow, how much does he look like his Father, Rudy aka –  Ale Rudy Fallowfen Lis Retrover.

We have added some pictures of Rudy for you to compare. Zaki has been doing very well he has  passed his gundog training  Grade one, and now working towards Grade 2.

Good Luck Zaki, and keep it up.

Is Jess following in her father’s footsteps?

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Jess is our young Golden Retriver bitch sired by Flint out Golden Retriever stud dog.

Jess was born in July, so still very young at only 8 months old, but this isn’t stopping her progress in training. Jess is currently sitting, sitting and staying, walking to heel on and off the lead, steady to a thrown dummy, doing nice length memory retrieves, retrieving to hand and starting to understand easy directional work.

I imagine having some of these great names behind her helps a little!

FTCH Earnsfield Teal, Standerwick Remus of Merryway, FTCH Holway trumpet, FTW Holway Victor, FTW Clancallum Gregor Mhor, FTCH Rossmhor of Clancallum, FTCH Holway Corbiere, and of course Haddeo Thesfus of Fallowfen (Flint).

Lets hope Jess’s success continues. There will be a repeat mating later this year.

Calderhey Digger aka Digger

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

We are running on a new young black Labrador to hopefully stand at stud if training and health screening goes ok.

Calderhey Digger or Digger as he is known on a day to day basis, was born on 28/04/2009. Digger’s father is FTW Dalvoulin Fraser of Drakeshead , Hip score 2/3, elbows 0, optigen tested clear for G.P.R.A, H.M.C.R, C.N.M and holds a current clear eye certificate.

Digger’s mother is Pinnock Dove, Hips 0/2, elbows 0 and also holds a current clear eye certificate.

Digger’s pedigree contains some great working names including FTCH Kenwu Wilson of Heathergage, FTCH Birdbrook Aston of Bellever, FTCH Tibea Tosh, FTCH Palgrave Quin, FTCH Pockley Remus, FTCH Glencoin Drummer of Drakeshead, FTCH Brindlebay Bee, FTCH Willowyck Henman, FTCH Short thorn Ninja of Mansengreen.

Digger is a playful, outgoing, loyal black Labrador that has amazing energy, speed and style. Digger is very socialible around any form of companion. WATCH THIS SPACE!

A long awaited update!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

At  last after a busy shooting season, and hectic 2010, we have at last had chance to sit down and update you on the events to the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. We have now set aside some time to try and keep you updated weekly on the  events at Fallowfen Training Kennels.

We hope everyone had a fantastic end to 2009 and a great start to 2010, and hope you are all enjoying your 4 legged companions.

We are going to start by posting some photos of the offspring which have kindly been sent to us by the new owners from Flint our Golden Retriever stud dog.

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